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Shop in bulk — together

Welcome to the buying club

We are proud to offer wholesale buying options for our Co-Owners through Frontier Co-op Wholesale. Every other month Co-Owners can order wholesale food, household supplies, and other products from Frontier, with the convenience of community pick-up. In order to participate, you must be a Co-OwnerNot yet an Owner? Join the co-op today!

What is a buying club?

Buying clubs allow individuals to receive discounted prices for ordering larger quantities of goods altogether — cooperatively. Once you have joined the co-op & have paid your membership fee in full, you will receive an email invitation to join our Frontier group buy. Items from Frontier’s Wholesale catalog can be added to your cart.

The next group buy will close on the following date:

  • February orders will close on February 10, 2022

How it works

Follow the directions below to sign-up for the Nashville Food Co-op buying club with the Frontier Co-op Wholesale Store. You will receive an email from with an invitation to shop.

Register for buying club

You will receive a “Welcome to Frontier Co-op” email. Click the link in that email, which will take you to a page to set up your password.

Important: You must access Frontier through this link to register for Nashville Food Co-op’s buyers club. If you can no longer find your welcome email, you should still be active in Frontier’s system; try resetting your password before asking for further help.


You can shop for products by brand, category, and in bulk quantities.

1. Click Add To Cart under the item you want to purchase.
A pop-up appears.

2. Click OK to add the item to your cart.Continue shopping until you have selected all the items you would like to buy.

3. Click the green bar on the top right of the page with a shopping cart icon.The Cart Actions page displays.

4. Click Approve to save your purchase.
Important: You must click Approve to complete the order.

Note: No payment is collected when you place your order. You will receive an invoice email from the Nashville Food Co-op’s PayPal account to collect payment. Invoices will be sent once the items arrive. This may take up to 4 weeks if you order early.

Edit an order

You can edit your cart until the co-op closes the order. You will receive an email with the deadline for orders (usually the 10th of the month).

1. Click Move to Draft on the Cart Actions page. The page will refresh.

2. Click Remove under items you do not want to purchase. The page refreshes and the item is no longer in your cart.

3. Click Approve to save the changes to your cart.
Important: You must click Approve to complete the order.

Receiving your order

Expect around 10-14 days between when the orders close to when you will receive your order. Orders are shipped to a co-op volunteer, who sorts and boxes the items into individual orders. Once that is complete, another co-op volunteer will issue you an invoice through PayPal and email directions for pickup or delivery. If orders are small for one month, delivery may be an option. Typically there will be a designated pickup location & time. You will only receive your order after the invoice has been paid.

Still have questions? Read through our longer buying club directions here.