Meet the Board

Who are the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors are local Co-Owners who volunteer their time to the co-op. The Board meets monthly & acts on the community’s behalf to bring the cooperative vision to life. Currently, Board Members are appointed by the rest of the Board. After the co-op reaches 200 Co-Owners, we will hold our first Board election.

Ellery Richardson


Ellery is an environmental attorney and owner of a small farm in Whites Creek.

Ellery joined the Nashville Food Co-op because she believes in supporting local businesses to better our community. She believes that if we want a resilient and sustainable food system, we have to vote with our dollar.

Jon Loyd


Jon is a professional musician (keyboardist) and professional piano technician.

Having been a member of the Park Slope Food Co-op in Brooklyn, NY, Jon knows the value of a food co-op and how it serves the community in a unique and meaningful way. He joined the Nashville Food Co-op excited about all the possibilities only a food co-op can fulfill — plus all the amazing locally grown food all in one place seven days a week.

Austin Warehime

Austin is an attorney at Ortale Kelley Law Firm.

Austin joined the Nashville Food Co-op because he wanted to be a part of a solution to our current environmental crisis. Co-ops dramatically reduce the impact of food on the environment by reducing food waste and focusing on locally sourced foods, which cuts the need for long food distribution chains.

Keri Barnes

Keri is a consultant in the R&D industry.

Keri joined the Nashville Food Co-op because she wants to support local and sustainable food sources while developing community knowledge on ways to minimize plastic and waste in our daily lives. Co-ops offer democratic member control which means our community gets to decide what we want in our store, offering the possibility of supporting local organic farms and removing the use of single use plastics.

Nelson Guillen

Nelson is a humanist and a mechatronics apprentice.

Nelson joined the co-op because he wants to take action and participate in the changes needed to transition to a more equitable, just, and sustainable society. He believes that our society must reconnect to community and nature to alleviate and solve the issues we face as a collective.

Board interest

Serving on the Board of Directors

Interested in participating on the Board? We will be voting in March of 2022. More details to come!