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Co-Owner Conversation: Cooking up a healthier community

Food is at the heart of all our lives, and re-connecting to the power of cooking & preparing our own fresh food is a core value of Co-Owner Jilah Kalil and her local business Cooking Up. Preparing our own fresh food daily, rather if it’s for one or a family of five, is better for our minds, bodies AND our wallets.

Cooking Up is a non-profit that offers hands-on classes to simplify home cooking. Learn more about Jilah and her work to make cooking more accessible & bring us more connected to what we eat in our latest Co-Owner Conversation.

We love the ways that Jilah is working to connect the community through the power of food, and we can’t wait to open the Nashville Food Co-op & join her in that effort. Join the co-op today to help us get one step closer opening!

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