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The Need for Food Co-ops in Times of Crisis

The world is in crisis, communally experiencing this pandemic and the new problems that have come with it. Even prior to the coronavirus outbreak reaching Nashville, locally we were experiencing the aftermath of northern and eastern parts of our city being torn apart from tornadoes. Then, within the blink of an eye, the COVID-19 crisis hit close to home.

While we’re staying home, keeping distance, and wearing masks, we’re seeing just how much this community needs the Nashville Food Co-op. We’re seeing the supply chain issues experienced in grocery stores, the difficulties farmers are having with local restaurant closures, and the complicated issues of food waste coming with coronavirus. We’re seeing the need for communities to work together, and we’re seeing the space for our food co-op within this.

Photo Credit: Brenna Quinlan

We need food

Food is essential. And yet the crisis we’re in is highlighting just how fragile our current supply chain system is for grocery stores. Many folks are venturing out to find empty shelves where basic necessities once were once stocked. By sourcing locally, food co-ops can bypass some of these supply chain issues and provide more consistent stocking of products even throughout a national & global crisis like the one we’re in.

We need each other

Just months ago in the tornado aftermath, Nashville showed up for each other in enormous ways. While many of us are forced to isolate ourselves now, the need for community is ever present. More than anything, cooperatively-owned businesses are a community. It’s people coming together with a collective goal and working to bring that goal into fruition. Community is powerful!

In this time of uncertainty, one thing has become even more clear — Nashville needs the Nashville Food Co-op. Join us today!

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