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Spotlight: The Sustainable Cooperative

We’re wrapping up a busy Earth Month celebrating Mother Nature, sustainability, and ecofriendly living! It was great connecting with many of you at the events and festivals around the city, and we can’t wait to welcome you into the Nashville Food Co-op family!

For more information about joining the Co-op, go here.

The fight to preserve our planet is only beginning and there’s still tons of work to be done.  Once we reach the number of members needed to open our doors, we’ll put every effort into reducing Nashville’s environmental impact even further.

Photo Credit: The Sustainable Cooperative

Food co-ops have more recycling and food waste initiatives than conventional grocery stores across the board, but there’s one food co-op that’s REALLY stepping up to create change in the industry. Our friends over at the Sustainable Co-operative (SCOOP) in the Channel Islands have recently opened an organic AND waste free grocery store….on a farm!  We’re in love!

The Low Waste Scoop on the SCOOP

The not-for-profit Sustainable Co-op sits in the heart of St. Lawrence, a parish of Jersey in the Channel Islands, which are located in the English Channel off the French coast of Normandy.  They are passionate about the island’s future and aim to preserve the natural resources for future generations.

Photo Credit: The Sustainable Cooperative

The SCOOP offers a plastic free shop for locals to purchase everything from affordable, organic produce to eggs, cheese, meats and other bulk goods like tea, spices, pulses, grains, chocolate, sugars, and flours. The shop also carries zero waste items like shampoo bars, detergents, soap, bamboo products, toilet rolls and handmade goods.  Of course they aim to source all the food from local farms. Did we mention most of the bins are made from upcycled materials?!

Another unique way SCOOP is making an impact is through the production and development kitchen.  Any surplus produce gets reimagined into secondary items, further preventing waste.

Community Collaboration

Locals can take advantage of unique educational programs, often in partnership with other sustainably-minded organizations. The shop recently hosted a conservation cooking class, where attendees foraged for Japanese Knotweed and then used it to prepare tasty and medicinal ‘Itadori’ pickles and a Japanese Knotweed cordial.

Recipe swaps, exhibitions, live music events, and charity partnerships are all in the works at the SCOOP.

Photo Credit: The Sustainable Cooperative

Anyone can shop or attend events at the co-op, but members can purchase a monthly subscription and receive 25% off all produce sold at the shop.  A membership also guarantees a vote in all company decisions and for the Board of Directors.

Hearing the success of the SCOOP and so many other food co-ops out there keep us energized and motivated to continue growing our Nashville membership base.   Join us in the movement to create a more sustainable city and become a founding member today!

Didn’t catch us at VegFest or the Earth Day Festival and you’d like to find out more? No worries — you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hang out over the next few months.  Check our events page for where we’ll be next.

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