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We aim to provide Nashvillians seasonal, locally-sourced food year round while providing local growers a sustainable way source of income all year.

Community owned.

Community ownership is what makes co-ops unique. We get to build the experience we want to have with food.

Sustainably operated.

We are dedicated to sustainability by partnering with local farmers, reducing waste, and offering bulk shopping options.

Committed to community

Our values

People over profits

Since we are a local, member-owned system, all proceeds will stay in the community. The co-op gives profits back to its Co-Owners through discounts, deals, and patronage dividends.

Connecting with farmers

Local farmers are an essential component of a vibrant, sustainable, locally-based food system. Food co-ops provide local farmers a consistent revenue stream outside of farmers markets & CSAs. This provides stability, especially for new farmers who face the greatest risk.

Increased labeling

Because we are member-owned, we make the rules around being informed about the food on our shelves! Food labeling (i.e. GMO/Non-GMO) is our prerogative, and it adds to an empowered and informed food buying experience.

Food system education

We plan to invest in the community through education & other programming. We want to be a part of learning how our communities can have a more equitable & sustainable food system while increasing access to local food.

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Ownership drives our efforts as we get closer to bringing Nashville its first food co-op! Join the co-op today to help bring the vision of the Nashville Food Co-op to life.

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