Locally focused. Community owned.

Nashville Food Co-op is bringing our city a community-owned, full service, cooperative grocery store.  Enjoy the quality of local food and buy your cleaning supplies in the same trip. Join today and own it!


Help Us Grow

Opening a co-op grocery store includes a series of stages — from conception to construction, and finally, opening. Help us grow and reach new people in our community!

Plant the seeds.

Without community buy-in, a co-op is just an idea. Plant the seeds in your circles by sharing our message with your friends, family, neighbors, & colleagues.

Water, lots of water.

Investing in membership provides the start up collateral we need in order to set our goals in motion. With 700 members, we will begin the search for a co-op location.

Harvest the crop.

Once we reach 1,200 members, we can open our doors. We are so excited to share our vision with the community of Nashville!